A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Digital version of popular board RPG games. Script of it is based on polish legend about Basilisk. You basically can't play it without NodeJS installed on pc (or at least we didn't have enough time to put in on some kind of dedicated server).

Game made by:

- Magda Nowak - Our beloved artist, she painted the best dwarf EVER that you will see  in your miserable life.

- Bartek Legięć - Crazy programmer, he wrote all the CSS and part of server/client JS code.

- Kacper Pietrzak - Coder working remotely because of sickness, being half-dead he wrote part of server/client JS code, also initiator of idea to make role-playing game.

Instalation manual:

  1. Install NodeJS
  2. Open main folder in console
  3. Type npm install
  4. Type npm start

Game master link: http://localhost:3000/desktop

Players link: http://localhost:3000/mobile

Spectators link: http://localhost:3000/host


Bazyliszek – historia prawdzia 1.0.0 37 MB
Bazyliszek - historia prawdziwa 1.0.1 37 MB